An experience and an meeting with people are the charm of the youth hostel  
  The key youth hostels are located in the Japanese main sightseeing spot and city and welcomes a world tourist taking a trip to Japan.
Our youth Hostels take great care to operate hostels and
ensure a safe, clean and comfortable stay.
( keeping in a clean and comfortable bed and bath, the laundry,etc)
  Sleep well, and please enjoy your trip !  
  The youth hostels overflow in the vigor of such a tourist whom they "love trips, and want to enjoy a new experience and conversing with other traveler".
You can enjoy conversation with the congenial traveler and, to see television, read an email and a book, and it is free to spend quiet night.
In the modern hostel built in the center of the city and the youth hostel built in the scenic place, each youth hostels are various.
Even if the scales of the youth hostel are different, it is comfortable safely, and cleanliness, the warm welcome are common in all youth hostels
  The staff of the youth hostel knows the neighboring highlight and geography well and give the information of sightseeing and shopping, taste or the experience program of each place, and helps the making of travel plans.  

5-35, 6-6 Toyohira Toyohira-ku Sapporo Hokkaido, 062-0906 Japan. TEL : 011-825-3120
5 minutes from Sapporo station by subway and in front of subway Gakuenmae station. Situated in a school zone surrounded by high schools and universities. 5 minutes walk from Odori Park, a clock tower and popular busy street named Susukino. Guests can also walk to Toyohira River crossing Sapporo city, Toyohira Park and Nakajima Park.
Tokyo Central Youth Hostel
18F, CENTRAL PLAZA, 1-1 Kagurakashi, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 162-0823 Japan. TEL : 03-3235-1107 
Located in the 18th and 19th floors of a high-rise building, our rooms offer a breath-taking panorama view of Tokyo. Our high-rise hostel offers unique ways to enjoy the city. Where else can you view the city skyline while relaxing in the bath?
162-1, Himuro, Tsugao, Inuyama,Aichi, 484-0091 Japan.
  TEL : 0568-61-1111
The scenic and cultural spot of Inuyama city,featured with the various historic spots and natural beauties along Kiso River,added a new charm of the hospitality.
29, Nakayama-cho, Uzumasa,Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, 616-8191, Japan. TEL : 075-462-2288
Utano YH is the perfect stopping place for travelers who love nature, people and Kyoto. Located in northwest Kyoto, Utano YH is surrounded by beautiful nature. There are many sightseeing spots in the immediate area, such as,The Kinkakuji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion) and Ryoan-ji temple (both recognized as World Cultural Heritage Sites).
3-47, Mimosusogawa-cho, shimonoseki-shi. Yamaguchi-ken 751-0813 Japan. TEL : 0832-22-3753 
Hinoyama YH is located on the top of the hill where the Straits of Kanmon can be seen. The best place to see the light up Kanmon Bridge and a night view of Moji is the terrace of the YH. Shimonoseki is a town of the Meiji Restoration and it is interesting as well to visit the tomb of Shinsaku Takasugi, a historical person during the Meiji Restoration.
1270-14 Yakiyama, Iizukashi, Fukuoka 820-0047 Japan.
  TEL : 0948-22-4747
Yakiyama-Kogen Youth Hostel is located quiet mountain village which is 20kilometers east of Fukuoka city. But you go to here about 30〜40 minutes from Fukuoka city(JR Hakata station).you can enjoy hiking, walking, star watching, bird watching.

Introduction of each YHs